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Managing Registry Projects permalink

A registry project contains image repositories. You can use a project to group repositories that have a similar purpose, such as repositories for the same application or for the same organization. These groupings also allow you to manage access control for your projects.

Registry Projects Page permalink

Projects are managed from the Registry Projects page. To display this page, click Image Registry > Registry Projects in the left pane.

The following figure shows the key elements on the page, and the table following the figure describes them.

1To filter projects, type characters in this field and then press the Enter key. All projects that do not contain the typed characters are hidden. Filtering is not case-sensitive. To remove the filter, click the Reset button.
2Each project appears on its own row. Clicking a project allows you to view more information about the project and its repositories.
3The Actions drop-down list on each row has options to view project logs, delete the project, and update the project.
4The + Add New Project button allows you to add projects.