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Testing Property permalink

Before you deploy your property to production, we recommend you test and verify your property to make sure it works as expected. CDN360 has a dedicated staging environment for this purpose. To deploy the property to the staging environment, perform the steps in Deploying Your Property.

Testing Your Property in Staging permalink

CDN360 provides a staging environment for you to test your property configurations without affecting production. Sending your test traffic to the servers in the staging environment is a way for you to make sure the behavior is what you expect. The staging servers can be found by the hostname You can also see their IP addresses by issuing the following command:

$ dig
;; ANSWER SECTION: 19  IN  A 19  IN  A 19  IN  A

There are several ways to send test traffic to the staging environment:

  • Modify your DNS server to point your hostname to the CDN360 staging hostname For example: CNAME

If you use a smart DNS service, you can also direct a small portion of the production traffic to the staging hostname to have a more thorough test.

  • Modify the /etc/hosts file to hard code the hostname to be accelerated to one of the staging server's IP addresses. For example:
  • If you use the cURL command, you can add --resolve to directly map the hostname to be accelerated to the IP address of the CDN360 staging server(s). For example:
$ curl -v --resolve