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Using Properties to Configure the Edge permalink

A "property" is a configuration of one or more hostnames (domains) that need to be deployed to the CDN Pro edge servers. A property determines how you want the servers to obtain, cache, modify, and distribute your content to end users. The key elements of a property include:

  • Service hostname(s) to be accelerated
  • One or more origin servers
  • Caching rules for different types of contents
  • Modifications to the URL or HTTP header fields
  • Whether HTTPS is required, TLS certificates, and TLS protocol version

Managing Properties permalink

On the CDN Pro platform, each property is versioned to track the history of changes and allow rollback if needed. Each version can be deployed independently to the staging or production environment.

Using the Properties page, you can create, modify, validate, and deploy properties. You can also undeploy and delete properties if needed. To display the Properties page, click Edge Configurations in the left pane, and then select Properties. The following figure shows the key elements on the page, and the table following the figure describes them.

properties page

1A search box that you can enter any keyword to filter the property list.
2The list of all properties that are available to you.
3Icons to filter properties by Staging Version and Production Version.
4Drop-down lists to take actions on each property.
5The button to create new properties.

Property Actions permalink

Each property has a vertical ellipsis in the Actions column. Clicking the ellipsis shows the available actions that can be performed on the selected property.

  • Edit: Update the selected property.
  • Compare Versions: Compare two property versions.
  • Undeploy from Staging: Undeploy the selected property from the staging environment.
  • Undeploy from Production: Undeploy the selected property from production.
  • Delete: Delete the selected property.
  • Deployment History: View the deployment history of the selected property.
  • Clone: Copy settings into the Create a Property form to create a new property.
  • Report: Run a report using the hostnames of the deployed property. This action is available only for properties that have been deployed to production.