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Comparing Property Versions permalink

CDN Pro allows you to compare two versions of a property side by side.

  1. In the left pane, click Edge Configurations, and then select Properties.
  2. In the Actions column on the Properties page, click the vertical ellipsis of a property you want to compare, and then select Compare Versions. The two most recent property versions appear side by side in the Compare Versions form.

    To see details about a property before comparing it with another version, click its ID. Review the property details, and then click the horizontal ellipsis next to the Edit or Clone button and select Compare. The same version of the property appears side by side in the Compare Versions form.
  3. To change the versions shown, select another version using the Please select two versions of the property to compare drop-down lists. The selected versions appear side by side with differences highlighted. For example:

    compare versions

  4. When you finish your comparison, click the Back button at the top right of the form.