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Using CDN Pro to accelerate and distribute your content involves the following steps:

  1. Log in to the portal.
  2. Create a property, which is the configuration to be deployed to the proxy server(s).
  3. Edit the property if necessary.
  4. Validate the property.
  5. Optionally deploy the property to staging servers and make sure the cache behaves as expected.
  6. Deploy the property to production servers and make sure the cache behaves as expected. If you began your free trial of CDN Pro, you must submit at least 5 requests to content deployed to the staging environment before you can deploy to production.
  7. Create an edge hostname for the service hostname(s) in the property.
  8. Modify your DNS to add a CNAME record to point your service hostname(s) to the edge hostname.

The following figure shows the steps to follow when using CDN Pro to accelerate your content.


To help you get started, check out the Getting Started with CDN Pro Video.